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10 Ideas For A Baking Theme Bridal Shower

Posted by Teresa Coleman on

Bridal shower's are much more fun if they have a theme, especially if there are multiple showers being thrown for the bride-to-be. Our favorite is a baking themed shower. Fun, delicious, different than the norm, and useful for the bride and groom to help fill up their kitchen baking needs with awesome themed gifts. Here are 10 really fun ideas for your baking theme bridal shower. 

1. Invitations - first and foremost and we found many cute invitation ideas on Pinterest and online, but our advice is to try Canva where you can choose from already designed ideas, or gain inspiration to create your own. Lots of free photos and clipart, fonts and test designs. Perfect if you are a DIYer, or a beginner. 

Here is a basic example of one that was already created that I made more personal:

2. Recipe cards to include in the invite. This is a popular idea because these have been selling like hotcakes. Some people buy them to put in their wedding invites also. The guests fill them out and bring them to the party or wedding for the bride and groom. Can also be used as an alternative guest book if you ask everyone to sign the bottom. These are double sided which is nice because there is plenty of room for ingredients and instructions.

3. Wedding Theme Cookie Cutters are great for making treats for the shower, favors if you put them in a glassine with a ribbon to tie it off, or for shower activities decorating the cookies and having a contest for the best, most creative, best theme - you get the picture...

 4. "Name That Spice" game we found at  blue i style - variation can also be identify that cooking ingredient (flour, sugar, baking powder, baking soda, etc.).

5. Adorable Retro Style Mini Dot Apron - this is adorable - can personalized (for free) with the initial on the pocket with thread colors sure to match your bridal shower theme. Can be a gift for the bride-to-be, a special prize for a game winner, part of a themed gift basket for the bride-to-be, or get one for each of your attendees! Especially if you are doing some cookie, or cake decorating during the shower. Doubly adorable if your shower is at a bakery! Ask for discounts on multiples at


 6. "Love Beyond Measure" Heart Shaped Measuring Spoons - these make great, affordable and adorable shower favors, or game prizes. Already in a gift box. Sweet. 

7. These miniature Glass Bell Jars are gorgeous table decorations or can be used as take home favors as well. Use to display cupcakes, cookies, or small truffles. They come 4 to a package which makes them very economical. They are reusable, which also makes them eco-friendly. Aren't they gorgeous!

8. Mason Jar Kraft Paper Favor Tag - these are great if you are doing rustic chic, country, or barn theme shower as well. Perfect for tying on to favors and thank-you gifts, such as baked goods or fun rustic tea towels. Twine included so ready to go. (Unless you need an adorable hand lettered "Thank You" Stamp)

9. Mini Pie Favor Boxes - these are the cutest - also great for rustic chic barn, or country theme. Imagine giving your guests a mini pecan, blueberry, or lemon pie to take home with adorably designed packaging, tag and string included. 20 per package. Or provide boxes for a mini pie baking shower activity. (Also great for mini pie wedding favors). 

10. Shower Themed Wedding Cake - now I have to admit, it was not easy to find a baking shower themed cake. Although any cake would probably do, as, being a baked good, it really does fit the theme already, but we came across a few we thought were noteworthy, who went above and beyond, and we wanted to share them with you. If you have someone talented enough to create these (I actually am lucky enough to know someone - umm - my brother-in-law, who builds machinery by day and decorates cakes by night. I should buy him some kind of a cape) by all means it would really enhance the decor. Otherwise, you would probably pay a lot for a design like this. Like I said, anything baked really will fit the theme, but get a load of these:

If this is your image please send a link so we can attribute your work. 

and this one (below) from Cindy's Cake Creations - check out their site - it's really amazing - if you live in Australia you are lucky.

Themed showers can be more fun than your standard "This is a bridal shower" theme. Baking is our favorite. Thanks for letting us share our inspiration with you and if you have any thoughts, comments, or links please share them below. If you try any of these, please let us know how it turned out (with pictures!) 






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