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To DIY Or Not To DIY

Posted by Teresa Coleman on

So, I saw something in the store the other day that I thought was really cool and wanted to purchase it, but my husband said, "don't buy that, I can make that." I have heard this reply a hundred times and in my head, the same response, "but will you?" I have no doubts that he is smart enough and talented enough to make it himself, but does he have the time and the desire to do so is really the question.


It is wonderful to be artfully and craftfully (yes, I just made that up, I like to DIY the English language) gifted, but even to those granted special talents for DIY the question is still "but will you?" And there are many reasons for the answer as to yes or no. Do I have time? How much can I save doing it myself? Are the savings worth the stress? How many distractions do I have? How many projects do I currently have going on and which one has priority? Do I need help and are people available to help me?

In my life there have been many times that I wanted to do something, and because I think I am a typical human, usually when I have the time I don't have the money and when I have the money, I don't have the time. Some people are lucky enough to have both, and to those people I say - I want to come live your life.

When I got married I decided I wanted to have a barbecue for my rehearsal dinner. I am a good cook, my dad has a killer grilled chicken recipe and I had thrown countless dinner parties and felt like it was something I could easily handle. Let me tell you, the day before your wedding is really not a good time to try and throw an upscale barbecue, especially when you have to go do a wedding rehearsal and all the people you would typically recruit to help you with the dinner are there with you at the rehearsal. Lesson learned.

So, when it comes to weddings the question to DIY is pretty much the same with the added exception of timelines. There are some things that you can not do ahead of time and might prefer leaving to professionals, or a friend who might have some particular expertise in the area of flower arranging, baking, grilling, tablescaping, or decorating.


You also need to take in to consideration the scope of the event you are planning. Thirty or forty of your closest friends is going to be a very different event than 250 of your closest friends. Having a food truck show up to provide casual or finger food is going to be very different than a sit down plated dinner with several courses.

If you plan well, and can honestly self-evaluate your ability to deal with stress and your level of creativity or capability to follow directions there are many things you may be able to DIY for your wedding. However sometimes it is nice to treat yourself to some time off, let professionals handle the details and the last minute issues that can, and will arise, and relax and enjoy your family and friends and what will be, your best day ever.







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