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Will You Be My Bridesmaid?

Posted by Teresa Coleman on

Will you be my bridesmaid? My maid-of-honor? My matron-of-honor? A very timeless question that has received a special boost lately in the form of a bridesmaid box. Check this out:

 What popped into my head when I first got wind of bridesmaid boxes, was a distant memory of leaning over a table and asking my friend if she would be my bridesmaid while we were watching a football game in a bar. She said yes, and was excited, but it would have been so much more fun and personal to have been able to present her with a bridesmaid box. But, alas, it was the 90's and no world wide web, Pinterest, or the fabulous and creative ideas that have come from so many people were yet to be shared with the creatively challenged.

Whoever came up with this idea, kudos to you and thanks to Pinterest (and those that share there) we have so many different interpretations and creativity regarding the box itself, whether it is a box, a bag, a jar, or any other container one can imagine. Here is one in a lunch box from Something Turquoise

So, having missed my opportunity to create my own bridesmaid box, I am going to live vicariously through those of you who are about to embark on this endeavor and throw my two cents in - and please feel free to throw yours in as well and add your ideas, comments and links in regard to anything you love and/or feel I have left out.


1. Box - Flip Top Style, Cardboard, Wood...

from hey, lets tie THE KNOT


2. Bag - Paper, Vellum, Fabric, Totes, Mini Backpacks, Personalized, Monogramed...

here are a couple of the many we offer, the City Tote in black or gray

 or the Bliss Striped Tote if you have more of a beachy theme


 3. Jars - Glass, Plastic, Mason Jar style... I particularly like this spa in a jar 


we have this lovely jar with a rose cut out and a hole for a straw - doubles as a drinking glass and can be personalized - you can use it as the container, or include it in the box

 The Request:

1. Label On Box - this set of labels we offer, you can stick on a multitude of containers, bags, boxes, or envelopes. 

2. Note In Box - I thought these were particularly clever



Themes & Contents:

1. Spa Day  - pamper yourself - facial kits, lotions, personalized robe (also great for day of makeup and hair prep), personalized tumbler, specialty teas or a small champagne,  salt & sugar scrubs (a great diy project from Something Turquoise)... 

we have some little favor containers that would work great for this.

2. Mani-Pedi - great nail polish like OPI, Essie, or CND in your wedding colors,

orange sticks, nail file, clippers, foot scrubs, pumice stones, socks with lotion, pocket shoes... we have a great pair with a monogrammed carrying case 

3. Memory Box - items that have a personal connection and memories of you and your friend, picture with a frame, (here's one of my favorite),


a cd or iTunes gift card with a special music mix list, themed or monogrammed jewelry,


a special charm for a bracelet, your favorite childhood candies (twizzlers, nerds)...

4. Beachy - flip flops,

hair ties, small corked bottle with a message in it, beach towel, monogrammed beach tote, suntan lotion, sunglasses,  

we offer them in eight colors

shells, shell shaped candies...

5. General Awesome Girl Stuff - anything you think your friends might love, bridesmaid t-shirts, coffee tumbler, 

 picture frames, pretty drinking straws, macaroons, personalized jewelry, lip gloss, chocolates or candies - I think Sugarfina has some really unique and delightful choices if you are looking for something really special

 essential oils, sprigs of flowers, mini bunting, 

personalized flasks,

and other personalized drinkware like our newly arrived personalized travel bottles,

(love these)

personalized shot glasses


mini bottles of champagne, wine, tequila, (those little Patron bottles are so cute)


my favorite, Goldschlager - has actual flakes of gold floating around in it.


Some people  also include swatches or paint chips with the wedding colors.

Oh, and don't forget to include a DVD of Bridesmaids so they know what to expect!

(I thought maybe a workout theme might be fun, as I myself enjoy working out and enjoy buying and receiving work out related gear, but then I thought it might be misinterpreted, you know unless all your friends are into yoga, running or bootcamps.)

Here is a lovely example of a simple and elegant box


 and this one from

  and this one from frosted petticoat 

 hmm, I think I have a thing for green...

okay a couple more, 

from Not So Cli-Shea

 and don't forget your flower girl

This has been fun and I hope I have given you some inspiration, and you enjoy creating your special and personal boxes for your bff's. Please share any fun and unique ideas, or anything I have left out. Thanks!


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