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Papel Picado

Posted by Teresa Coleman on

Love is in the air.


The beautiful tissue paper cutouts used in Mexican fiestas, holidays, and to celebrate different occasions like the changing of the seasons, is so much part of the culture where I live, and is now gaining favor across the United States and even more so now in Europe for wedding ceremonies and receptions as a stylish decorative element with an ethereal ambiance.

I love papel picado. The wedding papel picado banners are cut with designs such as, Amor (love), floral and wedding cakes. Mexican artists use chisels to cut designs into as many as 40 layers of tissue at a time.

The enchanting, translucent quality of the papel picado decorations fluttering in the breeze offer a sense of lightness and a festive embellishment for many types of celebrations. Different colors are used for different types of celebrations, with white being the most common for weddings.

I have also recently seen invitations and save the date cards using papel picado design elements. I just love it. Maybe it is where I am from. Maybe it is just the unique quality and the feeling it invokes. I know when I put it up to photograph it I didn't want to take it down!

Our wedding papel picado banners feature a 15ft long string with banners that are 13”x 18”. Hung in multiples is the best way to get an authentic fiesta aura.


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