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Unique Wedding Venues

Posted by Teresa Coleman on

Scuba diving nuptials a little too extreme for you? Me too, but everyone would like to bring some bit of their personality to their wedding day, especially those who have unique personalities, interests or hobbies that give their lives that extra bit of je ne se quoi. For instance we love duning, and I tried to get my husband to get married in the dunes - it is an amazing place to be at sunset. He nixed the idea and I understand why. There were a lot of other factors to consider, one among those is if the wind comes up it can make things really uncomfortable quickly. Also the logistics of getting everyone we wanted there was definitely an issue. 

Here are some ideas for non-traditional wedding venues to get you thinking:

1. Art and Historical Museums

2. Historic Homes

3. Forest - my friend actually got married in the woods in Seattle.

4. Local Zoo

5. Summer Camp

6. Brewery

7. Antique Store 

8. Warehouse - if you like the industrial vibe

9. Farm/Ranch 

10. Ghost Town

11. Rooftop

There are many things to take into consideration when planning a unique venue for your wedding. Important older relatives who are not very mobile, availability of restrooms, getting food and drinks to your location, and one thing many people wouldn't even realize would be a problem - parking. But if you know these things in advance and plan well, there isn't any reason you can't pull off a non-traditional venue, insert some of your personal style and have an incredible day that people will talk about for years after. 

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