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A Follow Up To The Vegas Show/Tragedy

Posted by Teresa Coleman on

We arrived in Las Vegas last Sunday, eagerly looking forward to the Wedding MBA convention and woke up Monday morning to a tragedy. I planned on writing a follow up to our working get away, but expected it to be much different than this. 

Our hearts are broken and dismayed by the daily gun violence in our country. The loss of our loved ones, children, brothers, sisters, parents. We grieve, we shake our heads, we don't understand. Why is this happening, why have things gone so terribly wrong, why doesn't it even seem surprising. What can we do to stop this? 

We feel the loss. We feel the loss of every person who deserved the right to live their life, to achieve the milestones in life we celebrate; graduating from high school, from college, getting married, raising their children, loving their grandchildren, holidays, vacations, retirement. And just sharing love with one another. 

Now we share in the sadness, collectively, as a nation because as this is happening to us as individuals, it is also happening to us as a country. 

We briefly talked last Monday morning about returning home and decided against it almost immediately, although we knew we could not enjoy the week in the way we had planned. Contending with feelings of guilt about continuing on, we felt we had to. We had to make a statement that we are not giving in, we will not live our lives in fear, and that love wins. 

Love wins. David Tutera opened with that statement at his talk and finished with it as well. Thank you David you are so completely right. Love wins. Love is necessary in our society, in our lives, in our souls. 

Love and kindness do make a difference.

I believe in love. It is the reason I started this business, and the reason I have been in the wedding industry since 1996, first as a wedding photographer, then as a bridal shop owner and now online. Joy, happiness, peace, love -- we need those things more than anything else in life. Sometimes they are hard to come by. If you have some, share it. They are the only things you can give away and have more of by doing so. 

Love wins. 

Please take a moment to honor the victims of gun violence and write or call your government leaders to tell them what steps you feel they should take in regard to this ongoing, terrible problem that is happening in our country. 


Peace, love and happiness.


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