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Earth Day 2017 - The Earth Sends a Thank You Card

Posted by Teresa Coleman on

So when I was a kid, my dad was really into gardening and would bring in fruits and vegetables that he grew - which, I now realize, were amazing. I wasn't that into fruits and vegetables then so my attitude was "eh, nice." As I have gotten older and have begun to garden myself I understand how much time and patience is involved in getting something to grow, especially in the southwestern climate that I live in.

I don't know if the desire to grow things comes from no longer having small children around, the desire to create, or just the enjoyment and peacefulness that comes from being outside. They say it is meditative. I have to agree, it is. There is also a certain kind of satisfaction that comes from growing your own food and nurturing plants to create a serene environment. They not only decorate our world, but convert carbon dioxide into oxygen. Pretty important. Take a deep breath. Thank the plant next to you.

Green weddings have become a very popular and innovative way to reduce your carbon footprint. There are some great ideas for going all green (I wrote some about them last year in another blog which you can read here). If it feels overwhelming to go totally green, or you feel like you don't have the time to invest in researching different companies you can always choose one or two ideas to incorporate into your personal wedding vision.

Which is why I got so excited when we stumbled onto a new line of gorgeous seeded paper products, which, I thought highly appropriate to talk about on Earth Day. These items include favors, gift bags, tags, thank you cards and floral stickers.

We had to have this amazing line of seeded paper products, which, not only are beautiful and fit into a variety of themes, but are plantable, that is right you can plant them when you are done with them, (which we love, love, love)  are eco-friendly, biodegradable, and tree free. So your wedding party, family, and friends will have a beautiful reminder of your wedding day right outside their window.

Our favorites are these Lotka Seeded Paper Gift Bags  they have gorgeous floral designs and can be re-used, or planted. Biodegradable and tree free. Gold, Blue and Natural. Comes with a gift tag on one side, an explanation on planting on the other. Perfect for bridesmaid asks, gift giving, or welcome bags for guests. Particularly nice if you are considering a boho chic, woodland or beach theme.

 Another great item from our seeded paper line are these beautiful Thank You notes. They come in such a great variety of colors and when done reading - that is right - plant it in the ground. Then they become not only a thank you card, but a thank you gift as well. Also biodegradable and tree free.19 colors/styles available.


 I recently wrote a blog about wedding favors, whether people are still giving them and what they were giving. There seemed to be a unanimous agreement that brides wanted to give something useful to their guests, or something edible. Plants have also become a popular wedding favor, small succulents, cacti (popular here!), or seed packets for planting.

We have some adorable little Seeded Paper Circles and Seeded Paper Hearts, as well as Seeded Paper Hearts with Petals and Plain,  that you can add to a card, spread on a table, stick in an invitation or throw like confetti at the send off. It comes heart or round shaped with the word "Love" or "Forever" as an option. There are several colors to choose from and several types with petals in the paper. As before they are plantable with wildflower seeds in the paper, biodegradable and tree-free.



Purple and Pink Larkspur Hearts


For special messages, or unique place-cards/escort cards, there are some gorgeous Tiny Printed Seed Paper Tags - these are uniquely beautiful with an imprint of the flowers that will bloom when the tags are printed. Also biodegradable and tree free.

 Also available, printed Seed Paper Tags with tree, ferns, birds and dahlias, for a fun outdoorsy feel. Right at home in your boho or woodland wedding theme. Really gorgeous and unique. Like the rest, plantable, biodegradable, and tree free. Except this image of a tree.

Also available in plain

And tags come with a message on the back

 Finally when sending out invites, or thank you cards you can add a special finishing touch by closing the envelope with these cute flower stickers, made from seeded paper and real flowers not enhanced with dyes. They come in a variety of florals including: sunflower, cedar branch, pink larkspur, purple larkspur, hydrangea, mini daisy and queen anne's lace. They are really adorable. Really.

How cute is that?


So Happy Earth Day, do something good for the planet today, and consider some Green touches for your wedding, that not only minimize your carbon footprint, but are beautiful and will keep giving. The Earth will thank you. It would send you a seeded thank you card if it could.

 If you have any suggestions, ideas, or questions regarding this post please add below! Thanks for reading and please visit us at Enjoy the day.


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  • These products are lovely, do you make these yourself? It’s also great that you’re eco-conscious.

    Jay Farrell on

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