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Have Favors Fallen Out of Favor?

Posted by Teresa Coleman on

As the new year has begun and I have caught up with some new brides, it seems as if the tradition of giving out wedding favors may have fallen out of favor. Many brides are deciding they are not worth the cost, the time, or worst of all - that guests don't even want them, leave them behind, or throw them away. 

I wrote a blog last year about where the tradition of giving favors originated, which you can see here.

One of the most interesting things I discovered in researching wedding favors was the idea behind the tradition that:

 "In many societies, the bride and groom are associated with good luck, a common thought was that everything they touched would be charmed. By gifting members of the community, they would then pass those same blessings onto others."

Today's brides who do decide to give favors seem to be opting for something more useful such as edible favors including; candy, cookies, cupcakes, popcorn, candy apples or more personal homemade gifts of vinegars, jelly, juices, wine and honey. 

Others want to give something that won't get left behind, or thrown away, such as plants, seeded papers, seed packets, bottle openers, and glasses. 

Others are opting for photobooth pictures as a takeaway or a sweets table instead of individual favors. 

We would love to hear from brides regarding wedding favors - are you doing them, skipping them and why? Cost, waste of money? If you are doing them, what kind are you doing and why? Also, what are some of the most unique favors you have received as a wedding guest?

Please drop us a line below or email us at info@marrymeweddingaccessories and let us know what you think about the tradition of wedding favors. Thanks and happy planning!



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