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Posted by Teresa Coleman on

So this guy came to my door the other day offering to paint my house - I told him if our house needed to be painted we would definitely be doing it ourselves because we are big DIYers. He tried to tell me why it was a good idea to let a professional do it. I told him he didn't know who he was talking to. 

We DIY everything. I painted the entire inside of my house and I could definitely paint the outside if I needed to. Its who I am. I am part of the DIY tribe. I will be painting my own house and changing my own oil and fixing my own dishwasher (true story) until I can't walk anymore. I do DIY. It's my thing. I am saving my Airstream story. I'll tell it someday.

Anyhow, I know there are a lot of you out there as well, my DIY tribe, but when it comes to weddings the idea of DIY can become more than a little intimidating. For your best day ever, a day when everything has to be right, even the boldest DIYers can get a little weak in the knees...

However, I have to let you all in on someone I discovered while tweeting one day. Naomi at DIY Blooms Naomi has all kinds of great tips on DIYing your own wedding flowers such as getting the biggest bang for your buck and maximizing your flower budget - click and take a look:

Not only does she have great advice, great information, great resources and tutorials, but she also has real brides that share their real experiences and their real pictures. 

As I was reading her blog I was blown away by the amazing job these women had done, (including Naomi, as she started the blog after DIYing her own wedding flowers, so she is speaking from experience.) She was so inspiring I started thinking about how this was really do-able and products we carry that would totally work, and got all excited about how they would tie in nicely with some of the current trends in wedding themes. I had to share some of them with you all.

1. Decorating Glass Bottle Set - Clear


Clear glass, multiple sizes, comes in set of 6 - simple floral ideas for the rustic, vintage and boho themes currently on trend. These bottles with your flowers and greenery could become something like this:

from Hey Wedding Lady

or this from Style Me Pretty:

 2.  Decorating Glass Bottle Set Oasis Blue


 Same thing if you are doing a casual, boho, rustic, vintage with maybe a beach setting like this from Ruffled:

or this one from Insipired By This

or this from French Country Cottage

You can also get creative with containers - there are some really beautiful pieces you can incorporate into your tablescape that can be made extra special with the addition of some greenery and florals like the following:

3. Metal & Glass Pyramid Lantern


This would be a gorgeous, simple centerpiece for a main table made beautiful with some purchased flowers and greenery. Simple, fresh and beautiful. 

4. White Metal Cone with Embossed Rose Pattern & Acrylic Crystal Decorative Drops


These cone containers with an embossed rose pattern have a flat back design. They are great for small floral arrangements and look gorgeous here with the addition of some hydrangeas and crystal drops as aisle markers. 

 5. Rustic Wood and Glass Box with Hinged Lid


I fell in love with this rustic wood and glass box. It has so many possibilities but would be a eye catching centerpiece for your gift table. With the addition of sunflowers, it lends a lovely rustic aesthetic to this arrangement. 

You could even use something as simple and affordable as mason jars or glass milk bottles for the same vintage, rustic, boho effect.



A nice mix of some larger and some smaller really offers the eclectic styling that can give you this type of look from Ruffled:

 or this one from The Knot:


or this mix from The Odd Willow

or this creative idea (this is my favorite!) from Country Living:

So, really, some of these are so simple even a novice DIYer could easily tackle them. If you are now thinking hmmm... maybe I really could do this (which I what I am thinking) a good idea might be to try a few of your favorites out in advance for a luncheon, a dinner party or a bridal shower centerpiece.

I hope I have given you some ideas and some inspiration to put on a DIY hat and venture into the creative and fun world of do-it-yourself. And check out Naomi's page at DIY Blooms. She will have you feeling like a pro in no time - and she is really nice too. 

Also, for you bold brides, I am creating a coupon for 15% off so you can get started today. Use coupon code DIYTRIBE16. It is good for anything in the store. So, go forth and create! You can do it! And if you do, let us know how it turns out. 

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