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Which Wedding Photography Style Is Your Perfect Match?

Posted by Teresa Coleman on

Today we are pleased to present a guest blog from Nashville area photographer Jay Farrell, of Jay Farrell Photography.

When most engaged couples are searching for their perfect wedding photography match it can seem overwhelming because there are too many of them to choose from. This is where the couple has to go deeper than liking their work or the “deal” they’re offering. What type of wedding are you having? What experience does this wedding photographer have with telling similar stories? What about their work do you like most? Narrow down your searches and figure out a small handful of those to contact and meet with.

When booking a photographer, one thing that is seldom thought about, but is a very important factor is the style and approach of that wedding photographer. One can be very different from the other. Also, their personalities are important. Overall, what kind of experience will you and your guests have with them? Remember, for you, this is before, during, and after. 
My particular style and approach is documentary, otherwise known as photojournalist style. There are others with varying degrees of using this approach. My thought process and way of working on the wedding day is strictly un-posed and watching for / documenting real genuine raw human emotion. The only posed work I do is a few group formals with the families, parties, and the couple. Therefore providing a non-intrusive approach and understated presence. I’m there to be a fly on the wall and tell a story through my lens…not take over the event or put on a show. 
This approach requires a lot of creative freedom and no use of shot lists and minimal presence. It’s not for everyone, which is why I’m transparent on my website. This attracts couples who want the day documented without having to think much about it but also puts off couples with other expectations. Not everyone is meant to work with everyone. Some photographers have a distinct style and others are nondescript. Skill levels and prices vary a lot too, so does the overall quality of experience. Look deep. 


Other couples will want more portrait or fashion heavy photographers, or a certain photo finishing style. There is no one size fits all with wedding photographers as it’s a personal service. I like quality over quantity. Not every photographer or client has that mindset. Style compatibility is important and too frequently overlooked. 

Jay Farrell

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